Care is multifaceted and it includes learning and improvement. Education is a potent tool for altering the lives of these vulnerable children. We help our children to educate themselves in schools for developing their skills and attributes to contribute as leaders in society, escape poverty and look towards a dignified life without the orphanage. We conduct after-school tuition support to assist the children in completing their home tasks and preparing for exams aiding the academic process. We encourage our children to learn music, dance, sports, art& craft, or any other activity that interests them. We ensure that children fully realize their hidden potential within themselves through exposure to various activities and projects. We offer them plenty of scopes to cultivate different hobbies and recreational activities along with life skills and avenues to develop their personalities. Apart from that, the older children learn responsibility by mentoring the younger ones.


Through the care we provide, we intend to liberate our children from the shackles of circumstances and help them stand on a platform from where they can contend with their peers on equal footing. We provide them with behavioural and attitudinal counselling as well as with contemporary vocational and employment guidance that helps them think and plan ahead.


We strive to create a family-like an environment, where the children are not only fed and provided but are also loved and cared for. Asha Kuteer is more than a shelter, it is a family. We ensure that the children receive mental health care and emotional support.


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