How It Began

Mr. Jeevan grew up in a family where he did not receive enough love. As a young man, he was rejected by his fiancée and his career stagnated leading to depression and loneliness.

He went in search of love and happiness. On 1st March 2009, he was at the Secunderabad Railway Station hoping to find a homeless child for adoption. He came across a 7-year-old girl, who turned out to be the daughter of a sex worker. During the conversation with the little girl’s mother, an auto driver informed her that a customer was waiting. The girl’s mother was hesitant to go but, without pausing for even a moment, the little girl told her mother “Go Ma, Go!”. Hearing the girl’s innocent words broke Mr.Jeevan’s heart and prompted him to think beyond his own pain and suffering to see the other side of the world. He realized that there are so many vulnerable children who yearn for love and affection and are devoid of a decent living and a healthy atmosphere to grow.

Mr. Jeevan came out of his depression and got married in 2012. His wife and he took it up as their mission in life to bring home such kids and take care of them. They started Asha Kuteer Foundation on 17th January 2013 with the sole aim of giving hope to hopeless children in our society. Today, this home has grown into a family of around 85 inmates, housed in three respective homes for boys, girls, blind& aged people. As Mr. Jeevan keep saying, “It is worth giving love to those who deserve it than giving love to the underserved!”


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