Our work is only possible with your donations, thanks to our donors' generosity. Your contribution can make a significant impact in the lives of people with challenges.

Every small act of kindness makes a big difference!

Every kid needs unrestricted access to the highest quality food, education, and safety. By contributing whatever your heart desires, you may join our Asha Kuteer Foundation family. We provide a variety of ways for you to support their aspirations with the same zeal that we do our own.


Your donations made through Asha Kuteer are exempted for Tax deduction under section 80G of Income Tax Act 1961



No. 2-4-118/21/A, New Sadguru Residency, Swaroop Nagar Colony, Uppal, Hyderabad.

Children are attention seekers, you can have a special sessions for education, teaching whatever you know like art, dance, handwriting, crafts, music, skating etc., TIME is most important thing to donate

Yes! You can donate groceries. Electronic items (TV, Fridge etc), Cot and mattresses, utensils, Stationeries, bed sheets, blankets, used clothes etc., in proper condition.

It is always better to get an appointment to schedule a visit-As donors spend their special days with our kids and engage them. Anyhow you can visit our homes before 7PM Informing prior helps us serve you better.

It is not possible, according to the Indian laws it is illegal to adopt a child, rather you can call 1098. Officials will attend the child, council them and take care of them.
No! According to govt of india norms virtual adoption is the only way possible from our home (adopting/ sponsoring the child needs)

Donations can be received from the NRIs through direct bank transfer. FCRA is under process and we cannot accept donations from abroad as of now. .

Yes, you can but please make sure it is in good condition

Please contact +91 9700 700 700 / +91 8600 600 600

Yes, all the donations are subjected to tax exemption

This is the most common question, the answer is NO. There are no girls available for marriage. All the girls in our home are below 18

Our Donors are spreading positivity