Girls Orphanage in Hyderabad

At AshaKuteer- Uppal Campus, our little girls are now living very happy and peaceful lives. At our campus, we have around 35 underprivileged orphan girls ages ranging from 6 to 18. 

These children experienced the most irrational and traumatic period of their life. Some have been encouraged to engage in second generation prostitution, a few female children have been isolated from the family, and some have criminal parental history. 

As these children are so young and naive, they are easily manipulated by the evils in the society. AshaKuteer reached them and is now supporting them with a decent home, food, and education. Mr. Jeevan and his wife became their parents, and they are now caring for their children's mental and physical wellbeing.

AshaKuteer works to create high-quality, equitable learning and growth opportunities for girls in order to achieve long-term, sustainable change. Helping these girls to overcome the cycle of insecurity and poverty. We empower them with the skills they need to live independent, dignified lives.

So, when the children leave their house (AshaKuteer) to pursue their dreams, they become disciplined individuals who understand what is best for them and society.

Asha Kuteer Girls Home

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Life Stories


Moksha belonged to a poverty-stricken household and lived with their parents. One fateful night, their alcoholic father had a quarrel with their mother and in a fit of rage, poured gasoline all over her and lit her on fire in front of the kids. They were completely traumatized by this incident. Both the children started crying and ran out to get help, but in vain.

Finally, a family friend took over the situation and rushed the mother to a hospital, where she was declared dead. Moksha was the elder child and was deeply affected by this incident. She got a fever, fell sick, and was bedridden for a while. Moksha stopped responding/talking to people for a long time after that. The children’s father was arrested and when he was let out on bail he was murdered by unknown people and thrown onto the railway tracks.

When Moksha reached us, we had to try a lot to help her in every possible way. Moksha cried when she narrated this horrific incident to us. She still does not talk about her father or even mention his name.

Sravya and Siddartha

Sravya and Siddartha were from the Tandur area, Ranga Reddy district. Like most poverty-stricken families around, their father was alcoholic and abusive. He often quarreled and beat their mother. One night, over an argument, he lit their mother on fire without a bit of remorse. Sravya got up from sleep hearing her mother’s screams and woke up her brother. They ran out to inform their grandmother, but by then, it was too late to save the poor lady. Neighbours around helped in handing over their father to the police. Their father came out of prison, but was murdered. In around a year, both Sravya and Siddartha joined our loving family.

Asha Kuteer Home for Girls

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